Permanent Reminder

by paper skin.

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Abrasive Meditation/ Dissociative Power Electronics.

Personal bullshit.


released August 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Der Todesking Binghamton, New York

Sheer Nothingness.

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Track Name: Desiccated Viscera
You cling to your nerves
Like a fucking junkie
Sucking down every last drop
Like a good glutton is taught
Under the gentlest of pressure
Your will shatters like glass.
You're going nowhere fast,
You're standing on broken glass.
Track Name: Ether Lung
It festers inside you
Like a deep routed cyst
You're just a Lonesome shadow
Coming ash against the light
You breathe deep
As if you had an Ether lung
Processing the air around you
into something intoxicating
Enough of a feeling
to not make you not have to think too hardly
About the steps you've chosen that made you end up
right here.
right now.
At this very moment in time.
You're an abhorrent abject horrid little fuck

How the fuck did a maggot like you
Turn into a fly?

All I see in you
Is an opportunity for dominance
Track Name: Permanent Reminder
Look at yourself
Your body is a road map of scars
Your scars are a road map of where you've been
Dead end streets
Paths that lead nowhere
There is no out
Just permanent reminders

Look at yourself
Look at what you've did
Look at what you've fucking done
It's running down your skin
It's in your hands
Seeping through those
Filthy yellow cigarette stained fingers
It's on your face
It's in your fucking mouth
But you're still here
And there is no out
Just another permanent fucking reminder

Well what do you have to say for yourself?
What the fuck do you have to say for yourself?.